Week 2 is in the books!

Week #2 is in the books! The Panda Bears have had a very busy two weeks. I am sure there have been some tired fourth graders coming home!

In Science, we are learning about life cycles. We made our paper frogs to show the life cycles for frogs. We planted a few types of beans and dissected lima beans (which were really stinky!). Next week, the students in their groups, will be creating 3D life cycle exhibits for the organism of their choice, which they picked and planned for today. Stay tuned for life cycles for an ostrich, a dog,and an avocado!

In Math, we have been learning all about our new program,Eureka! Students learned about number bonds and how every day we will complete fluency activities. We have been working on understanding place values and unit form for numbers! The students are doing great! Today, we had some fun trying origami!Origami teaches the students great problem solving skills and grows our mind by challenging us!

In Writing, the students are working on their choice of story while keeping in mind our 4 writing goals. Throughout this week the students wrote a narrative, informational text, and opinion piece to provide me with a baseline of their writing knowledge. I am very much enjoying reading all the students' writing!

In Reading, we have worked on building our read to self stamina.Each day the students have been reading to self. We started with reading to self at 5 minutes and we are now at 15 minutes! The students were introduced to epic, which is an online website that students can listen to books or read them. The students loved having such a wide selection of books to choice from!

Beyond the content, we have been working on being kind,respectful, safe, and problem solvers. The whole school is working on the Habit of Work and Learning, "I can take initiative and show independence." We talked as a class as to exactly what this means and we set goals for the month of September. Everyday we also talk about having a growth mindset. The students have been doing amazing in believing in the power of yet! (I can't do this...yet!)

Thank you for getting your students here each and every day! It makes my day having them here and we have fun while learning!

Get ready for our first 5 day week next week! Our book fair starts on Monday and goes through Friday. Students can purchase books in the morning each day or during their library time onTuesday. Wednesday night we will be having our Literacy/MathFamily Night at 5pm. I hope to see you there! The theme is WildWest. Friday is spirit day for the Wild West!

Have a great weekend!