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I was born and raised in North Haven, CT, and spent most of my summers on Mt. Desert Island. I graduated from the University of Maine in Orono, summa cum claude, with a B.A. in English Literature. I moved to the island permanently in my twenties, and married my husband(of 34 years), Dennis. I am very lucky to have a nineteen year old daughter named Abby, who is just beginning her third year at Boston University.  
After volunteering for a number of years in my daughter's school, I decided to go back to school to become a teacher. I am currently certified to teach 5-12 ELA, 5-8 SS and Special Education, K-8. I LOVE theater(I am the Drama Director at Tremont School), music and yoga, and most importantly, Bruce Springsteen.  
I am about to begin my sixth year of teaching at Cave Hill.  I have been asked why I continue to commute an hour each way to work by many people.  It is really quite simple.  Cave Hill is a family, whose staff cares for each other, the community is welcoming and the students are wonderful. 
Once my caseload is in order, I hope to post regularly, sharing links and news that may help parents and students learn more about themselves.  I have several new books that hopefully will appeal to middle schoolers, and am excited about the prospect of working with more younger students this year.  I also hope to incorporate more real life learning experiences, via filed trips, this year.  Once again, I hope to spend more time in the classroom this year, and am looking forward to seeing how much the students of Cave Hill have grown this summer!

Recent Posts

Great Books for Middle School

I am compiling  a list of middle school books my students say they love.  I have listed beneath the book other books by the same author(in case you are thinking of Christmas presents).  I will add to the list, per the students' recommendations.
Orbiting Jupiter, by Gary Schmidt
OK for Now
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Kid
The Wednesday Wars
First Boy
Straw Into Gold
What Came from the Stars
The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton
That was Then, This is Now
Taming the Star Runner
Hawkes Harbor
Freak the MIghty
Harry Potter
Wrinkle in Time
The Westing Game

As my husband Dennis and I get ready to send our daughter back to school, I realize that Cave Hill is a place many of think of as our second home:    because of our wonderful staff, I feel part of a family and a community.  I am extraordinarily lucky to have the opportunity to begin my fourth year at Cave Hill and I am looking forward to learning lots of new things this year and being more involved in the regular classrooms. 

New Things!

I am attaching a link to my classrooms newsletter, and am also adding what I think will be helpful links to parents with information about different disabilities. I hope the information is helpful!

Communicating With Parents

It is very, very important to me to keep the lines of communication open with parents and guardians.  I want parents to know about struggles their child is having, as well as triumphs.  With that in mind, I will try to touch base with parents frequently.  Please always feel that you can communicate with me, too!