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Guidance Counselor

What Does the Guidance Program do?

The guidance program is designed to focus on improving school climate and increasing academic performance.

School wide programs include focus on bullying prevention, kindness promotion,tolerance self-esteem, peer pressure and respect.

Grade level classroom presentations
focus on Career Development, decision making, Personal and social skills as well as academic success.

For Students:
Students may see the counselor in small groups or individually. The counselor can assist with a variety of concerns or issues including:
Problem solving
Parent Divorce/ Separation
Grief/ Loss
Crisis Intervention

Recent Posts


We are working on everyday skills and social issues in K-2 , sometimes it feels like we are all over the place with our time together. However, In reflection after our classes i know that they are hearing some of what we are discussing and we will keep building on it piece by piece.

Third and Fourth grade

The 3/4 class and I are reading  a book together. As we cover other topics during their work time i read to them. This book is about how we all learn in our own way, some of us learn easily and others of us struggle to find the tricks and tips we need. They really seem to enjoy our read aloud time.

5th grade

WE MADE IT THROUGH OUR PUBERTY LESSON!!!! All students were accounted for after and were still upright and breathing. You probably heard that they were quite anxious about our discussion. However, on a serious note they did amazing and asked good questions. 

6th and 7th grade

We have spent a few weeks discussing and researching mental health in our classes. We have had really good discussions about mental health disorders and symptoms. They have been given information about how to see mental health in a different lens ( i hope). 

8th grade health curriculum

As we hit the down hill slope towards the end of the year the 8th graders and i will discuss sexual health. I know , I know ... you read that and cringed! But its not as bad as you or they might think. Over the next ten weeks we will cover:
Communication  Goal setting     Healthy Relationships   Pregnancy Prevention
STDs    Risk and Risk avoidance   Impacts of Pregnancy and STDs   and Making a plan
Now your children will share with you that one of the ground rules in this unit is that we have to use the anatomical names for body parts. Also, that i always encourage them to talk with someone at home about these classes as well. BUT... we all know that, thats easier said than done. 
Feel free to reach out with questions or concerns... or even tips on how to talk to your child about this topic. 

Welcome back 2018-2019

As we begin this school year students will be talking with me about mindfulness.
A quick explanation about what mindfulness is :  is defined as moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, characterized mainly by "acceptance" - attention to thoughts and feelings without judging whether they are right or wrong.
From kindergarten to 8th grade this will be how we start our year. This will most likely also be something we visit throughout our year. 
If you would like resources or book titles please let me know:)

SMHS step up day date

SMHS step up day this year will be on 5-25-18 from 8-11 am. There will be more information sent home as this gets closer. 

Never too soon to discover jobs you like...

The lower grades have begun their career unit. I would love to encourage family discussions about careers that parents or guardians do. Things to share might include tools used for that job, locations you work and if you have to wear special clothing. 

College and Careers

5th and 8th grade have started their information gathering on Colleges. They will be researching and comparing three colleges and choosing one for a Pennant Project. 
The last topic of our year will be Careers. 

5th grade Puberty lesson

5th grade parents be on the look out for information regarding a lesson on puberty for 5th grade on 5/14!
Please don't hesitate to call or email with questions. 

We have hit the winter months where we all get kind of less tolerant of small things everyone is doing around us... SO what a great time to talk about tattling. 

Substance abuse awareness

Over the past few weeks middle school has started to talk about substance abuse awareness in Guidance class. As part of the health curriculum we cover this topic during the year. This year we are covering it in a time frame that co-insides with 5-8th grades Elk's Club essays due for their ELA class. 

When our emotions are all mixed up we need to separate them so we can understand how we are feeling and why. This is a great book for k-1