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Hello all, my name is Chelsea Bull, and I am the middle school Spanish teacher of RSU 24. Hispanic language and culture have always been part of my life; my mother’s side of the family is from Panama. Although I am proud of my Panamanian heritage, I did not grow up speaking Spanish at home. At the time when my mother and aunts and uncle were little, my grandmother believed that it was more important for her children to be fully “American.” In other words, not speaking Spanish as their first language. So my first brushes with language study were in high school, where I studied Spanish for all four years. I went on to study at Mount Holyoke College, where I majored in Japanese language and English literature. I continued my Spanish studies in college, though I did not major in it. I lived in Japan for a total of four years. One year studying in Tokyo, and three years working as an English teacher in Kyoto. I returned to the U.S. in 2017, and began working on my educational career stateside. I worked for two years in special education, before I began working for RSU 24 as one of their World Languages teachers. I visit Panama regularly, about once a year to visit family. I hope to visit this year (February break 2021) as well… Hopefully the travel restrictions will be lifted soon!  

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again! Just so you know, I am always available by e-mail. [] Our SUPPLY LIST this year will only require one 3-ring binder. (If you still have your binder from the previous year’s Spanish class, then you are good-to-go!) Students will be accessing their classwork for this class via Google Drive & Seesaw. Students wishing to brush up/ advance their Spanish, should revisit their Duolingo accounts! (New students of Spanish can feel free to make their accounts and get the material!)