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Visual Arts

      Welcome, I’m Mrs. Gray and this is my PreK-8 Visual Arts page for Cave Hill School.  I have been a classroom teacher in the primary grades at Mountain View School for the past six years, and this year I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach my favorite subject at both Mountain View and Cave Hill Schools- ART!!

       Visual Arts offers us a place to explore, discover, refine, and connect with our world. Creating an art work is something all of us can do. Being creative is not an exclusive gift for a few. Creativity is part of who we are as humans; it is the essence of being an individual, of being unique. Moreover, making art is fun!

       My passion is not only to make good art, it is to empower people to make their own art and to refine their problem-solving skills in the creative process.

       I am looking forward to the year ahead, and to helping our kids unlock the creative potential they have. 

So far this year has been far beyond what I could have imagined! Cave Hill Bears are super kids, with so much positive energy and potential. We have tapped into art history, doing projects that have given kids a glimpse of the art of Ancient Greece, to the Renaissance and into 20th century abstract art. We have practiced technique- painting, drawing, mixing media and sculpting with clay. I am so impressed with the effort that students at Cave Hill give to their learning and performance! With all of the extra challenges of distant learning, we have managed to keep moving forward. The weeks are flying by and we have so much more to explore! 
Mrs. Jennifer Gray
Art Teacher
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