Ms. Lisa Skiff » May 2021

May 2021

I can’t believe we’re embarking the last part of our school year. Reflecting back over the year we’ve all may significant gains in our learning. However; we’re not done yet! Tomorrow May 20, and Friday May 21 we will be completing our MEAs. Please make sure your Bear is well rested over the next few nights.  I’ve talked to the students about many test taking strategies and encouraged them to talk at home also about any of their questions or concerns. I’m confident they will try and do their very best. 
We have planned on several fun activities as we get closer to the end of our year. We will keep you posted as those events get finalized and closer. Please keep in mind, there is still class work to complete over the next 18 school days also.  I can only imagine how fast these last days will go.